Friday, June 26, 2009

My Scrapbooking Journey - Clean, Classic and Complete

My scrapbooking journey began many years ago - about 38 years ago to be exact.

I made my first scrapbook at the age of twelve. - It was a project we did at church. I used a beautiful white 3 ring binder with the words "Treasures of Truth" embossed on the front.I included pictures and type written stories.

I had that first scrapbook for years - until I took it apart several years ago.

I continued scrapbooking through high school, college and as a young married and mom of babies.

In 1991 I discovered Creative Memories. I wasn't looking for a business at the time, I was looking for a safe way to preserve my photos and CM was the answer for me. I figured I should sign up so I didn't have to pay retail - who wants to pay retail!!

Ever since I joined CM 18 years ago one of my yearly goals has been - each and every year - "To get caught up on my albums"

Now don't get me wrong. I have definitely "walked my talk" the last 18 years. I have created over 120 traditional albums and dozens of digital albums but I have never been totally caught up.

Well - eighteen years later I have decided that THIS IS THE YEAR! I am going to be caught up on my albums by the end of the year.

The fact that CM is transitioning to a true 12 x 12 page and I need to be sure I have everything finished up with the old sizes before the size change is permanent is a little bit of a motivation!

One thing I have learned about myself after having a home based business for 18 years is that I work much better when I am held accountable!

So thus this blog....I am going to use this blog to chronicle my journey to completion - one scrapbook page at a time.

Years ago, my then upline and friend Carol Rice and I coined a phrase and developed a program entitled Clean, Classic and Complete. It is a method of album completion that helped me to complete 12 years of family albums in about a six month period. I shared this concept with many others and even traveled to several locations around the country to share it with other Creative Memories Consultants.

It is fun, now nearly ten years later, when I still hear consultants refer to Clean, Classic and Complete.

That is my approach to scrapbooking - Clean, Classic and Complete. I don't like the overly fussy, over done, work of art scrapbooking style. I want it to look pretty but I also want it done and I don't want to be cringing twenty years from now wondering "How on earth could I have done that" when I look at my overly decorated and decked out pages.

So I hope you will enjoy following along as I share with you my journey to completion this year. Maybe you will even get a little motivated and join in with me - completing albums!

This blog is for me, my CM customers, friends and anyone else who would like a little extra motivation and push to get their albums done!!

This blog is private but feel free to share it with friends - just have them email me and they will be added to the list.


  1. Oh you are putting me to shame! Twelve years done in six months?! Ack! I tend to do simple scrapbook pages, but they still take me way too long to make! I enjoy the process while I'm doing it, but get frustrated with myself when I realize how behind I am.

    ~ Sarah

  2. Thanks for the motivation. My goal: To get all the pictures in boxes in some form of order. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.