Friday, July 10, 2009

Eliminate Decisions

Over 19 years of teaching scrapbooking I have heard a lot of reasons why people don't do anything with their photos or are not caught up.
#1 - Lack of time and feeling overwhelmed with the number of pictures they have
#2 - Don't feel they are creative enough.

Even as a Creative Memories consultant I have experienced both of these things too - not enough time and not feeling creative enough.
I was able to overcome those objections with myself and my customers by developing and teaching the Clean, Classic and Complete method of scrapbooking - It allowed me to get about 10 years of family photos into albums in 6 months. My customers were completing more pages too and feeling confident in their scrapbooking.

This was back in 1996 and I have used this approach to scrapbooking ever since with some fun changes and adaptations as our product line has changed.

Creative Memories has worked hard over the years to help develop a product line that allows people to complete albums quickly and easily.

The basic concept is to simplify the process by eliminating as many choices as possible.

When people have too many decisions to make they end of making no decisions!
The first decision to eliminate is what shape to crop your picture into.

I use the Personal Trimmer on 99% of my pictures - leaving many of them untrimmed. Very rarely will I use the Custom Cutting System to trim a picture. Keeping all the pictures rectangular gives a clean and classic look to the page plus it eliminates the decision of what shape to cut the picture into.

If you do decide to cut a picture into a circle and oval do not use more than 2 different shapes on a page - squares/rectangles count as one shape and then either a circle or oval. I also recommend only using one circle/oval per page.

When I look back at my old albums and see pictures cut in the shapes of hearts and stars I cringe!

It was actually the Personal Trimmer that got me interested in Creative Memories years ago! I was at a boutique where a consultant had a table and I saw this cute little paper cutter - I decided I needed one of those and ended up signing up as a consultant! One of the best spur of the moment decisions I ever made.

Stay tuned for more tips on eliminating decisions!

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  1. I cut my pictures into shapes, too. Scrapbooking has come a long way. Thanks CM for the great power pages and the better stickers.