Sunday, July 26, 2009

Power Pages

When I developed my Clean and Classic approach to scrapbooking I did what I called Power Pages. At this time there was no such thing as a Power Palette. Currently all I use in my scrapbooking are Power Palettes.

But if you are like me and have files full of older single colored and patterned paper creating Power Pages may help you to use up that paper.

I highly recommend you use up all that old paper as soon as possible so that you can transition to using exclusively our wonderful Power Palettes.

So if you have older paper to use up this is what I recommend.

The steps to creating a Power Page are pretty simple.

Step 1: Look at your photos and find a dominate color plus a complimentary color and match it to your paper.

Step 2: Cut your paper into large strips of paper.

Step 3: Adhere your paper to the page. Do no worry about the size or shape of your photos. Do not worry about your picture placement at this time. I know this may be difficult and not the way you are use to working on your pages but trust me - it works!

Step 4: Adhere your photos, remembering to keep the cropping simple and the shapes limited in number per side and don’t forget to “center focus”, leaving no more than a ¼” space between your photos. If you will try to keep at least one uncut 4x6 photo per side, you can also add a pre cut storybox mat for more color, if desired.

Step 5: Journal and decorate with stickers and ABC/123 letters, if you like.

Step 6: Slip a page protector over your page and enjoy. You’re done!

Next I will show you a great technique for creating Power Pages using Creative Memories Power Palettes. But this method is a great way to use up your old and leftover paper before you transition to totally using Power Palettes!

If you have any questions please leave a comment below! I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. Okay, Leigh Anne: I was just telling you how amazed I am that you accomplish so much in addition to running your home, raising kids, doing tons of activities and all your blogs. And what do you do - publish yet another blog!!! I love it!!! Thank you for all that you do - I am still waiting for your book to be published so I can be the first to purchased it!! Scrappin' Sue...