Monday, September 28, 2009

Storybook Creator Idea

This last week I was in charge of the food for a women's function at church.  We were serving the food buffet style.  Since I am one of those people who likes to know what I am eating I decided to create little cards that could be placed by each dish so people would know what it was.

Of course Storybook Creator was the perfect thing to create these cards in - it was super quick and easy!

I chose a 4 x 6 template and then used paper from the Give Thanks digital kit.  Just dropped the paper in, added some text and printed!  Easy!

I found some cute little stands at the Dollar Store - 2/$1.00 that worked perfect for holding the signs.

Not only were the signs functional but they were pretty too and added some additional decoration to the fall themed tables!

1 comment:

  1. What a cute idea. I think I'll have to borrow it for a party I am hosting next month for my BFF. It's a kitchen theme so I'm planning to make all of the food myself for the event.