Sunday, February 21, 2010

Take Beautiful Pictures of your Beautiful Like by Nick Kelsh

I just returned from Creative Memories Regional Saturday that was held in Seattle this year.  I will be sharing with you some of the amazingly beautiful new product they introduced in the next few days but today I wanted to share a wonderful video they presented.  The video is by photographer Nick Kelsh.  It was put together specifically for Creative Memories.

It is excellent.  He has so many great tips for taking better photographs.  He wants to us to be able to take beautiful pictures of our beautiful life!

So please click here and take a few minutes to watch the video.  I promise you will be glad you did and you will learn lots and Nick is funny too!!

Leave me a comment after you watch and let me know what you learned!


  1. Hi Leigh Anne ~

    Thank you so much for the Nick Kelsh video. I immediately learned two things ... (1) what those darn buttons on my camera are, and (2) how to take amazing pictures WITHOUT the flash.

    Awesome video ... thank you for sharing it.

    Pam Hunter

  2. Very informative. I have been playing with a new DSLR and trying to figure out low light situations. I like the advice with the ISO and no flash. I need to be better at finding natural light in the house for photos.

    This weekend I scrapbooked 32 pages in my CM family album. Woo hoo! After looking at all of my pictures, this tutorial was helpful. Thanks.

  3. Leigh Anne,
    Thanks so much for sharing this great video. I watched the whole thing and feel like I just took a very helpful class in photography. I learned a lot.


  4. Great video by Nick!!! It is amazing what simple changes do for good pictures.

    Valerie H.

  5. Hi Leigh Anne,

    That was a great video. Got a new camera for Christmas and am actually looking forward to reading the owners manual. Thanks a bunch!


  6. Thank you Leigh Anne it was so good to see this again and to refresh my mind on all the things he taught us at Regional. I loved it and learned so much and so did my guest. We was there all day and had a lot of fun meeting new people. since my Unit Leader couldn't make it we set with another Unit Leader and her team. Really she set with us cause we was at the table first. Thanks for sharing and I sent it to my guest.