Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Beach Retreat

Every year in May I hold a scrapbooking beach treat at our beach house in Manzanita.  It is a weekend full of fun, good food, friends and of course lots of scrapbooking!

Thanks to all my fun ladies who joined me this year.  I always enjoy spending time with you.  We had amazing weather and lots of sun.

What could be better than looking at this while scrapping away!!

An amazing view from the house.

And at night we got to look at this.

And we even found time to walk along the beach and stick our toes in the sand.

Who wants to join me next year??


  1. I think it looks super fun. Only once a year, huh? I would love to come next year.

  2. Gorgeous! I would love to come next year. I just found out that my CM Consultant is moving to New York this summer so I need a new one.