Monday, August 2, 2010

Creative Memories - what's new!

I'm just back from Minneapolis and Creative Memories annual Showcase. 

So much exciting news.  First of all I am excited to tell you about Creative Memories partnership with Access Hollywood's Nancy O'Dell.  Nancy is an avid, avid - can I say avid - scrapbooker. The woman has 8 scrapbooks just of her 9 month pregnancy!

She has designed her own line of scrapbooking supplies just for Creative Memoires.  They are available in October and you are going to love her Hummingbird Collection.

My favorite item is her amazing scrapbooking bag - isn't it gorgeous (o.k. she is gorgeous too!)
Wouldn't you love to carry your latest scrapbooking project around in this bag!

I even got to have my picture taken with her - my friend Deb and I and our new friend Nancy O'Dell!!

Here's a great link to a video clip interview about her partnership with CM on Fox 49!
Nancy O'Dell inteview

Lots more exciting news to come!

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